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Owner/Founder - Scot Rubin

ag scot rubinScot Rubin is a talk show host, Producer, founder of All Games Productions, All Games Network and co-founder of the G4 television network. AllGames launched in 1996. In 2000 Rubin was hired as a consultant for Comcast to develop a 24-7 cable TV channel about video games. In 2001 he was hired by G4 Media and served as Vice President of Internet, IT and Program Editorial. He developed, produced and hosted the networks interactive talk show for 3 seasons. Rubin also served as a Producer on the first 3 seasons of the EA Sports Madden Challenge, and play by play guy for the first two Madden Challenge Finals. In 2004, G4 began abandoning its video game format, Rubin left and relaunched All Games Productions, a production company providing consulting and production services to the video game and entertainment industry. Rubin currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Digital Media for Big Door, located in Redondo Beach, California. Rubin is also the founder of NITROPOD, a frozen ice cream company.

Editor In Chief - Derrick Hopkins

derrickh headshotDerrickH (Derrick Hopkins) has been playing videogames since PONG and has owned every major game system released (even the Jaguar CD). He enjoys racing and action games and long walks on the beach. Although he is filled with anger and rage about the state of the industry, game companies know he's just a big teddy bear. Contrary to popular opinion, he has never been diagnosed with a mental affliction.

Derrick has hosted Dead Pixel Live since it's creation in 2008. He is an avid gamer and specifically loves classic arcade style games. This is probably because he's old.

Derrick also cohosts on Dead Pixel Live:Loserly Edition and the Spooky Hour Horror Hour.

In addition to his hosting duties, DerrickH has developed a number of games for the Xbox Live Indie Games service under the moniker 'Dead Pixel Arcade', including Revenge of the Ball, You Will Die, and Hot Potato HD.

Favorite Games: Elite, Championship Sprint, Defender, Robotron, Forza

Favorite Genres: Shmup, Racing



Public Relations Manager - Lawrence Young

Graphic Designer - Hector Moreno

Community Moderator - Joe Martin


Community Moderator - Burr Lehane

Burr's journey into video games began with a joystick, one button, and Combat for the Atari 2600. From there he quickly graduated into PC gaming, beginning with the Apple II+, IIc, and IIGS, then moving on to the halcyon days of the Commodore Amiga 500, a system far ahead of its time and still a sentimental favorite. Most of his familiarity with consoles of that time comes from emulation, but since the Dreamcast's pyrrhic release he has found himself evenly split between the big screen and the small screen. While he has managed to find a game he likes in
almost every genre, he is rather partial to racing games, platformers, and story-centric action adventure titles.

Burr has been listening to and working for All Games and its various incarnations since its humble beginnings in Scot Rubin's apartment in 1996, through the heydays of Pseudo, G4, and AGI, mostly pitching in as a chat and forums moderator. He has recently started contributing on air, starting Cat & Fox with Kitsune in 2012 as well as co-hosting on Dead Pixel Live: Loserly Edition.