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Whats the deal with "The Crow" remake?

Written by moses magnum

Late last week news broke out of "Aquaman" star Jason Momoa playing the Crow in the reboot. Many people had apprehensions, your humble narrator being one of them. My co-host on Fantastic Jorum (Wednesday nights 6:30 pm pacific time on JOE said Momoa wasn't fit to play Eric Draven. i dont think Eric Draven needs to be in the reboot. The nature of the crow as a concept is that it can be anyone! So they can make a totally new movie. They can tell a totally new story that could add to the mythos, but i digress this is all really to just tell you what Alex Proyas said about the crow. He Thinks that the crow is Brandon Lee's movie and it shouldn't be touched or remade. He went on to say that they only released the original crow with support of of Lee's family.  But enough with the preamble. i want to know what James O'Barr thinks. As i can remember the crow was released in may of '94. i remember seeing it at the tender age of 11 and seeing the "based on the comic" line and wanting to read more. As far as im concerned it is James O' Barr's movie! The only person i want to see claim ownership is O'Barr. What does James O'Barr think about the remake? What does he think about Jason Momoa? What do you think about Alex Proyas' statement? let me know in the comments.


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