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No Anythingcast This Week and Death's Door Prods Update

Written by Anythingcast

Hey folks, DeadMan here. So in case you missed it, Bovie and Kitty are away this weekend so there will be no Anythingcast this week. We said that at the end of the last show but thought I should reiterate it.


Now, the big thing. For the past week or so our website, where we post the archived Anythingcasts as well as other podcasts, news, reviews, and other such things, has been down. We've been making a transition to a new server and it's been a pretty bumpy process. All of our images have been broken in some way and all of the posts on our forums have been deleted. Things aren't really going too great. Our new host is going through everything trying to get things back in working order, but it's not looking good because every message I get from them says everything is working fine. But fear not, because the website will be coming back up soon. I will be going through all of our posts and fixing the problems, getting the images back up and reposting things to the forums. Since we have over 2000 posts, this is going to take a while, so when we bring the site back online not everything will be completely fixed. All the new stuff we post will be up and running as it should, but our archives will take some time.


As for iTunes and Stitcher stuff, it looks like we will be replacing all of our individual show feeds with a single feed thanks to SoundCloud, the new host of our podcasts. Like everything else, I will be going through our back catalog of shows and updating them with the new player and links as we get them all set up.


So to clarify: No show this week, site's coming back soon, iTunes and Stitcher stuff will be updated as soon as they can.

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