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42 Level One

42 Level One

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A podcast made by gamers for gamers, brought together to right the worlds wrongs....or something like that.....

Dedicated gamers devoted to bringing you the latest news and reviews in the world of gaming and bringing a laugh or three to the table when we can. Live every Tuesday on AllGames at 9.30 GMT - 4.30 EST - 1.30 PST and then released on iTunes on Thursdays!

Hosted by Ali,Andy,Robin and Fraser

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42Level One Blog

Q&A w/Christian Howard from Street F…

22-02-2016 Hits:9227 42 Level One Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

On Tuesday morning Ali is interviewing Christian Howard who is the actor who plays Ken Masters and also wrote Street Fighter Assassin's Fist, the web series on machinma and made into a film version for Netflix and DVD / blu ray.They are releasing a follow up, Street Fighter Resurrection, next month which is a tie in to Street Fighter 5 and focuses around Charlie Nash , Ryu and Ken. It's also set 10 years after Assassins Fist.So he was wanting to try get some fan questions for after his interview questions to ask Christian. If any of you are a...

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Cards Against Humanity Interview on 11/1…

08-11-2014 Hits:4803 42 Level One Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

On Tuesday, November 11th, join the 42 Level One podcast as they interview one of the creators of the blockbuster party game, Cards Against Humanity. At 4:30pm est (1:30 pst) the 42 Level One crew will ask all the questions you wanted to know about printing inappropriate cards and sharing them with your closes friends. Listen live and dont forget to head over to the AllGames Chat to be a part of the fun.

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42 Level One Interviews TopWare

01-09-2014 Hits:4590 42 Level One Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

On 9-9 join 42 Level One as they interview the good folks from Top Ware Interactive about their upcoming game, Raven's Cry. At 4:30pm EST head over to Allgames.com/live and be a part of the conversation. Raven's Cry is a action adventure set around pirates as they sail and plunder in the Carribbean. 

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42 Level One GameBlast Gaming Marathon f…

22-02-2014 Hits:5270 42 Level One Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

Today, Saturday 22nd February 2014 Starting at 10am GMT 42 Level One will be taking part in Gameblast 2014 playing games non stop for 24 hours to raise money for the amazing charity Special Effect all 5 of us will be live streaming our efforts online. Head over to allgames.com/chat or 42levelone.com to watch! 

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8 predictions for GamesCom 2013

19-08-2013 Hits:5141 42 Level One Blog  - avatar

With Gamescom on the horizon and plenty of surprises sure to spring from the conference here are our eleventh hour predictions to come out of the show!   1. Sony reveal a PS4/VITA bundle With Sony trying to push the Vita as a valid piece of hardware moving into this next gen of consoles, how  better to move a few units than to produce a PS4 bundle with the Vita bundled in at a slightly better price than buying both separate? Especially when you consider the advert to the left Sony have been pushing recently.   2. PS3/VITA price drop With the PS3 far from dead...

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Ducktales Remastered Review

18-08-2013 Hits:6376 42 Level One Blog Damien14273 - avatar Damien14273

When Ducktales first released on the NES in 1989 I was 4 years old and whilst I probably was aware of the TV show, I had yet to make my first foray into the magical world of Nintendo (I was busy twiddling nobs to move paddles up and down on some Pong clone). So the jist of it is that I have never owned a NES and therefore never played Ducktales.    Shocking I know but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. So when it was announced that Ducktales would be given the HDifying treatment affording me the chance to play...

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Ali - 42 Level One interviews Pwnee Stud…

07-08-2013 Hits:5759 42 Level One Blog  - avatar

Today I had the pleasure of talking to pwnee studios about their brilliant new title - Cloudberry Kingdom !     First off let's set the scene and tell us how you would describe cloudberry... Cloudberry Kingdom is a randomly generated 2d platformer that will provide you with an infinite number of levels. It's like Mario and Trials HD met one day and decided to have a child. They named that child Cloudberry Kingdom. What were some of your influences going into cloudberry? Our biggest influence was Mario 3. There was something just so perfect about that game, we really wanted to re-create it with infinite...

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42 Level One - Defiance Interview with T…

07-05-2013 Hits:6354 42 Level One Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

That’s right folks tune in live on May 14th for a special interview with Trion Worlds about their incredible cross media project Defiance! 42 Level One will be talking to the developers of the first multi-platform massively multiplayer shooter that just happens to also be a TV show on the SyFy network. If you have a PC, PS3 or, XBox 360, and like shooting aliens in epic science fiction environments,  this interview is what you've been waiting for.   Trion Worlds are MMO veterans with big titles like End of Nations and Rift under thier belts and Defiance takes then even...

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