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No Anythingcast July 14, 2013

13-07-2013 Hits:4099 AnythingCast Blog Anythingcast - avatar Anythingcast

BovieWan here,I figured I should explain myself why there isn't going to be an Anythingcast AGAIN this week. The issue comes with the fact that with DeadMan's hillbilly internet, he can't broadcast the show, because of this I have to broadcast. Now, I actually have some semblance of a life outside of Death's Door Prods, so sometimes, I am busy with other stuff. This week it's because 17 years ago someone decided to give birth to one of my friends on this July 14th. Normally, me going to this birthday celebration could be patched over by having some random person...

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No Anythingcast This Week and Death's Do…

06-07-2013 Hits:4193 AnythingCast Blog Anythingcast - avatar Anythingcast

Hey folks, DeadMan here. So in case you missed it, Bovie and Kitty are away this weekend so there will be no Anythingcast this week. We said that at the end of the last show but thought I should reiterate it.   Now, the big thing. For the past week or so our website, where we post the archived Anythingcasts as well as other podcasts, news, reviews, and other such things, has been down. We've been making a transition to a new server and it's been a pretty bumpy process. All of our images have been broken in some way and all...

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Sorry, No Anythingcast this Week

24-02-2013 Hits:5187 AnythingCast Blog Anythingcast - avatar Anythingcast

  Hey folks, DeadMan here. I can't remember if we mentioned this on last week's show, and this post is a bit late seeing as how our show should've started an hour ago, but there's no Anythingcast this week. BovieWan and NinjaKitty are off at Con-G, and doing a show by myself would just be sad. We will be back next week, though, as Bovie and Kitty regale us with tales from Guelph, I'll talk about really shitty game shows, and, as always, more News of the Ehh! And be sure to check out all this week for the latest...

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