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Zombie Cast is your weekly broadcast for all things undead! We cover a wide range of topics, from zombie news (note: beware of bath salts!) to zombie media, with dissection of The Walking Dead comics and show! We also cover the more practical factors of the apocalypse, with survival tips and tricks!

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  • homepage: http://www.zombiecast.net/
  • Air Times: Monday 5pm pst/8pm Est


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So what you guys doing tonight

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Hear George Romero on ZombieCast!

02-05-2016 Hits:3738 ZombieCast Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

HUGE NEWS. ZombieCast will be airing an exclusive interview with George Romero, father of zombies, next Monday! The interview was recorded by our partners at the Zombie Research Society and includes some extremely interesting surprises. Hear it on ZCast next week! Monday 5/9 at 5pm pst/8pm est at Allgames.com/live

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Win 2 tickets to Panic Mountain from Zom…

17-09-2015 Hits:5521 ZombieCast Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

Zombie Cast and Panic Mountain are sending 12, 2-man teams in the Los Angeles area to HELL! You could win two tickets for the “Panic Mountain” zombie apocalypse survival event, including free cabin accommodations and meal (a $350 value!). Camp overnight in San Bernadinom CA and see if you have what it takes survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Avoid the horde, run for your life, and use a 700-foot zip line to escape! If you're in the Los Angeles Area and over 18, send us your team details and let us know why you want to go at info@ZombieCast.net Enter now...

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Zombiecast's Big Fall Lineup

13-09-2015 Hits:4203 ZombieCast Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

Zombiecast has a full lineup for the fall. Take a look at whats coming up on Mondays this September. As always, you can listen to Zombiecast live at allgames.com/live at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST every Monday. And if you miss a show, hit the archives at allgames.com/zc Monday 9-14EP171-Evil Dead The Musical Sirc Michaels hangs full show to talk Vegas and Fear Monday 9-21EP 172-Showtime cable networks show "Scared Topless" Monday 9-28 Ep173- UFC fighter Nate "The Rock" Quarry is on to talk his comic 'Zombie Cage Fighter' Also in Oct we have Zombie Apocalypse Vodka makers on

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Z Nation Celebrates Labor Day on ZombieC…

06-09-2015 Hits:5540 ZombieCast Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

Zombie Cast is live this Labor Day Monday at 5pm pst / 8pm est. SyFy Channel's Z Nation stops by the show to talk about Season 2 that starts Sept 11th. Join in via the live chat at Allgames.com/live and submit your own questions. Join Shawn, Normii and Ted as they get the lowdown on the future (or lack of a future) for your favorite zombie killing characters. If you'll be too busy beating down the undead with baseball bats, you can always post your questions right in the comment section below. {youtube}jvkPeO61iCI{/youtube}

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Starry Eyes' Alex Essoe on Zombiecast 8-…

16-08-2015 Hits:5363 ZombieCast Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

The beautiful and very talented Alex Essoe from Starry Eyes and the upcoming Tales of Halloween will be joining us on Zombiecast on Monday August 17. You can listen to the show starting at 4pm PST/ 8pm EST right here at AllGames.com/live 

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Ed Sanchez Monday 5/4 Live on ZombieCast…

23-04-2015 Hits:4447 ZombieCast Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

Monday 5/4/15 Live on ZombieCast Ed Sanchez- of The Blair Witch Project, VHS2, the new movie "Exists" and and the new season of "From Dusk till Dawn" plus he has one of the Worlds biggest Star Wars Collection. 

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Z Nation Creator on Zombiecast!

28-09-2014 Hits:5124 ZombieCast Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

Craig Engler, creator of SyFy's hit show Z-Nation will join the crew at Zombiecast on Monday 10/6 to discuss the series and all thinngs Zombie!. Join them at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST right here on AllGames.com. And be a part of the fun by dropping into the live chat at www.allgames.com/live {youtube}https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfbHRFi90sY{/youtube}

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The South Forsaken

06-05-2014 Hits:3915 ZombieCast Blog  - avatar

First things first. This is not "just another zombie book."  Reading this book had me feeling like I was really there. The author is excellent at providing a good description, be it the way the ground is textured or how a character is really feeling. Not once did I feel lost or confused. Another thing I really like is that this story takes place in Australia. Which makes sense, as this is where the author is from. It just added a nice touch for me. All in all, it was a great read and I couldn't put it down.

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Zombie Research Society's Matt Mogk, Liv…

10-02-2014 Hits:5233 ZombieCast Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

 Join us February 10th at 8pm EST for an evening with Matt Mogk, founder of Zombie Research Society! You’ve read his books (“Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zombies”, with forward by Max Brooks), you’ve seen him on AMC’s “The Talking Dead”, and he most recently starred in this month’s GQ Magazine with his take on the weapons of The Walking Dead. We welcome all the Zombies out there to tune in to the AllGames Radio Network and join Matt Mogk and the ZCast team in the conversation at AllGames.com/Chat. It all starts 8PM EST THIS MONDAY. Can’t make...

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Dave Fennoy on ZombieCast!

10-01-2014 Hits:6461 ZombieCast Blog AllGames - avatar AllGames

TellTale Games 'The Walking Dead' actor Dave Fennoy, the voice of Lee Everette, will be hangin live on Zombie Cast Jan 27th! Dave also works on Skylanders as Slobbertooth, Infinity Blade lll,Batman Arkham Origins, World of Warcraft, Raising Hope (TV) and a ton more! Listen to his smooth voice as he talks to the crew about everything from killing xombies with your voice to working in a world of superheroes. Listen to ZombieCast live on Allgames.com , Monday 1/27!

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